Weekend Shopping Haul!

Hello! This past weekend one of my girlfriends and I went on a shopping trip to West Hartford, CT.  We had this day planned for a while and had a ton of stores on our list to hit up, but after a long brunch and spending 2 hours in Nordstrom Rack trying on clothes, it didn’t leave time for much else (why do stores close so early on Sundays?).  Looking back though, it was probably better for my wallet that we ran out of time.

Below are the stores we went to and what I took home with me! (Click directly on the image to shop the look).


Nordstrom Rack Purchases:

I did the best at Nordstrom Rack. I got a bunch of cute tops and two Calvin Klein dresses (one of the dresses is totally sold out online though so I couldn’t link it).  All of the below shirts are available in a handful of other colors, plus all of the tops are under $25 (three are under $17!!).  The dress from Calvin Klein is very flattering and has super stretchy material (which I love for work travel). 

   Image of Socialite Patterned Flutter Tie Front Tee Image of Abound Double V Swing Tank Top      


Abercrombie Purchases:

I have not stepped foot in Abercrombie since before 2007 (this is not an exaggeration).  I always felt their items were WAY over priced and after high school I felt I grew out of shopping there.  However, apparently Abercrombie must be struggling because they were having a huge sale, which never happened 10+ years ago.  We went in just to check out what they had and I was surprised by the amazing selection of bathing suits they had, as well as a few other items.  I bought this bathing suit below, which was super flattering and so unique.  As well as this yellow pullover that reminded me of the 90’s and since I grew up in the 90’s …………  enough said.



Victoria’s Secret Purchases:

The last store we hit up was Victoria Secret PINK and since they had their semi annual sale going on they had a ton of items on sale.  I bought another bathing suit, which I didn’t try on in the store so was crossing my fingers that it would fit, and this Huskie sweatshirt.  The bathing suit comes in a few different adorable prints too. The one below is not the exact print I purchased (they don’t sell it online but I took a picture of it and put it at the end of the post) but this is the same exact style suit!

Strappy Front High Leg One-Piece 


Here are the two pictures of me in the bathing suits so you could see the VS print I found in stores and how they both fit!!  Also, who said one pieces couldn’t be sexy?


Love you all!

xoxo Lulu


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