Packing for Wine Country

Hi Friends!

I am leaving for California on Wednesday and am BEYOND EXCITED!  My Husband and I are flying into San Fran, where we will spend the night and explore the city the next morning.  Then we have two other couples meeting us on Thursday afternoon and the 6 of us are driving to Napa.   We are spending 4 nights in Napa, and then heading back to San Fran where we will spend our last night before heading home.  We will be away for a total of 6 nights and staying in 5 different hotels, so it is safe to say there will be no unpacking while away and I’ll be living out of a suitcase.

After 3 years of traveling for work, I have become a pro at packing for business trips but when it comes to traveling for fun, I still struggle with over packing.  There are however a few key pointers (or maybe I should say rules) I have created for myself over the years  to help with over packing.  I wanted to share with everyone my “rules” and also what I am packing for this upcoming trip!



Depending on the type of person you are, this either will sound like a no brainier or a total PITA.  For me it always sounded like a pain in the ass but after a few wardrobe disasters, I learned it is super important to make sure an outfit looks just as good on, as it does lying together on your bed.  Furthermore, (and this will bring me to my next rule), you can make sure all (or most) of your pieces work well together.


This will (hopefully) help combat over packing.  What I like to do is pick neutral colors to start (especially for my tops), that I can easily mix and match together with different shorts, pants or jeans.  Both of these camisoles below, I can wear with these shorts during the day, and then with a pair of jeans a different night.  I can also wear this bralette with every cami I’m bringing as well wearing it with this romper.


Rule #3: LAYERS!

In addition to packing items that mesh well together, packing layers is just as important.  Again, you want to make sure you’re packing layers that are neutral colors that you can easily mix and match on top of any outfit you’re wearing.  This outfit below is what I plan to wear on the plane; it’s a comfy gray jumpsuit with a cream colored slouchy cardigan.   The cardigan I also plan to wear on top of the romper and shorts/camis in the pictures above.


Shoes are one of the most important items to think about when packing since they are so cumbersome.  You cannot bring a pair of shoes for every outfit, so you have to make sure the shoes you bring are both comfortable and can be mixed and matched with all your outfits.  Again, this is why it is so important to try on everything before packing it.

I am planning on packing this pair of white Michael Kors sneakers, which I can wear with shorts, jeans, rompers and casual dresses.  I also plan on wearing them the days I travel, b/c if I need to run through the airport, I would rather do it in sneakers.  Plus, a pair of white classic sneakers are the perfect addition to any outfit that you want to dress down.

Those are my four main rules when it comes to packing.  For this specific trip since we will be on the go a lot and also switching hotels almost every night, I am making sure to bring outfits that I can quickly add a sweater/jacket and sandals/heels to, to make it an evening look.  We will be away for 6 nights and 5 days, as of right now I plan on bringing two rompers, two pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of jeans (one white pair and one black pair), a bunch of camisoles, and a few dresses/skirts.  The shorts I plan on wearing during the day, and then changing into jeans those nights.  The days I wear rompers/skirts or dresses, I will most likely stay in those outfits and dress it up with a sweater and heels at night.

I’d love to hear your packing rules, leave me a comment below with some guidelines you tend to follow!


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