Finally A Piece Of Clothing Made For Short Girls ….

There may not be many items of clothing made for us shirt girls.  If you’re under 5’4 you know the struggle .. pants needing to be hemmed, maxi dresses we’ll never be able to wear, and on top of that we can never reach anything on the top shelves at the grocery store (the struggle is real!).  However, there is one item of clothing that was invented with us short gals in mind ……. enter the romper.


Most of my tall friends (… all of my friends) tell me they can’t wear rompers because there torso is too long and the romper rides up their crock.  Well lucky for me, I never have that problem!  Also, there are so many variations of the romper – long sleeve, short sleeve, halter, strapless, pants, shorts and even ones that look like dresses but aren’t.

Here are some of my favorite rompers of this season and a few I recently purchased (click on the image to be directed to the site):









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