Spring Shorts Roundup

Happy Wednesday!

I asked over Instagram which you’d prefer me to do a roundup of; spring short or mules?  The results ….. a TIE!  Last night when I checked shorts were winning but when I woke up this morning it was a tie.  I decided to go with shorts for this weeks post, and will do mules next week so everyone wins.

Shorts are always the hardest piece of clothing for me to find.  I have a small waist and a large derrière (#bigbootyproblems), so finding a pair that aren’t too loose on the waist while cover my ass can be a real problem.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pairs of shorts from a wide range of prices.

Affordable Shorts:

I absolutely LOVE Target’s shorts.  While I’ve have eased up on buying a lot of clothes from Target (which will be a whole post in itself soon), I find their shorts fit me so well and are good quality.   The brand “Universal Thread” and “A New Day” carried by Target, currently have some really adorable pairs.  Here are the ones I’ve purchased or have my eye on:

     A New Day Paperbag Waist Shorts 

These are one of the pairs I purchased and they are by far my favorite!  High-Waist and super flattering.

   Crafted By Lee Mid-Rise Shorts

   Universal Thread High Rise Shorts

   Mossimo Floral Jean Shorts

Middle-Of-The-Road Priced Shorts:

PacSun is a great option for good quality, middle-of-the-road priced shorts.  I never thought to look there (since I haven’t stepped foot in a PacSun since high school), but last summer when I was on a desperate hunt for shorts, I decided to swing in there and was pleasantly surprised.

   PacSun Seaside Blue Mom Shorts

   PacSun Indigo Garden Mom Shorts

   PacSun Moon White Mom Shorts

More Expensive Shorts:

I love Topshop Jeans, so I wanted to share a few pairs of their shorts.  They are on the more expensive side, but there quality is superior.

  Topshop Mom High Rise Shorts

   Topshop Paperbag Denim Shorts

   Topshop Moto Fray Denim Shorts

These are the best shorts I have found so far.  Now that I am getting older, I am definitely partial to high-waist or mid-rise shorts, especially ones that will cover my ass.  Booty shorts are still fun, but I usually reserve those for the beach 🙂


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